What is ESM?

The Employee Safety Manager is an online registration and ordering system that registers on an individual level which Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is being purchased when it needs to be replaced, and the budget allocated for each individual employee.

Be compliant

According to the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on Personal Protective Equipment, employers must regularly conduct a Risk Analysis. If this reveals that personal protective equipment is needed for certain work activities, the employer must provide adequate equipment and ensure timely replacement.

By determining in advance which PPE can be purchased by the employee through the ordering system, you ensure that employees always have PPE at their disposal that complies with laws and regulations and with your requirements as an employer.


When setting up the Employee Safety Manager for your organization, you indicate which products fit into your range, and we will arrange this digitally. This ensures that the orders fall within the requirements you specify in advance. For example, this applies to your corporate workwear with the right logo. For safety glasses, moreover, an active monitor system ensures that the glasses fall within your specified requirements and checks whether the safety glasses comply with EN 166:2001.

The platform provides insight into who owns which products, whether they meet the requirements you set, whether they need replacement, and whether the products have actually been ordered. This applies to workwear packages that employees can order online from home and glasses and hearing protection measured at your location or an optician or audiologist nearby.

Are you looking for an optician, audiologist, or service point for orthopedic adjustments? Then check out the service points.

In the case of eyewear, once the glasses have been measured, the optician chosen fills in the data in the Employee Safety Manager and puts the order through. When the measurements are entered into the system, the profile selection entered into the Employee Safety Manager displays only the available frame variations within the boundary conditions you specify. In addition, the system warns if lens strength in combination with lens material and frames does not meet European safety standards. This prevents employees and opticians from placing the "wrong" orders.

We can make fitting models of the selected glasses available at the selected opticians.

You maintain a complete overview of all orders and the products delivered, and you can track the status of orders. You can even turn on the digital flow with an electronic approval process if desired.

Cost savings

The Employee Safety Manager ensures that you save costs. For example, no unnecessary PPE is ordered for and/or by employees, which ends up on the shelf. You can also determine the number of order moments, thus reducing additional costs such as order and package costs. In addition, you save time and money because you can use one efficient ordering, registration, and issuing system.


Using the Employee Safety Manager will give you more insight into purchasing and replacing the required PPE at the individual level.

The Employee Safety Manager contains a precise registration per person, which can help assign a cost center. It requires less handling than paper order forms and quickly makes administration more accurate. Data can be easily accessed, such as when someone last ordered glasses and, therefore, when they need replacement. The Employee Safety Manager replaces paper processes, saving money and time.

In addition, the dashboard gives you insight into corporate, departmental, and individual management reports, and you can easily budget with the Employee Safety Manager and have a forecasting capability. You know the number of employees and the allocated budget.

You also get insight into anomalous cases. This allows you to see which employees and/or departments spend above average or below average on safety.

In short, the ESM helps you and your organization to be compliant, increase the safety of your employees and reduce your total costs.